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Welcome to Cianciarulo Construction Inc., a local company that has teamed up with the Dueck Bros. to create a full service construction management firm specializing in commercial building, restaurants and boutique development related services in the Santa Cruz County.
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Our Approach

Project Selection

Our meticulous process of property due diligence allows clients to develop buildable options based on early design requirements, and includes: Deed related study for the purchase agreement to clarify any public agency requirements and/or regulations that may affect clients’ goals Property survey to determine clear understanding of costs and impact for infrastructure, engineering (soil, traffic, civil) and utilities Early entitlement determinations to identify the impact of state and local planning regulations.

Design and Permitting

Emerging from our effort is a framework which will guide the process, design team through our architectural partners. We will help in the selection process as to which Architectural firm is best suited for your project. Landscape architects, parking , civil and structural, and soils engineer firms will also be selected for the client at this stage.. Expediting planning and permitting process through local building agencies is an important step in saving time and money. Our team can make the difference in whether a project is approved or denied.

Pre Construction

Critical to a successful project are the decisions made during the pre-construction and entitlement phase when schedules, budget and overall scope and design are determined. Guidance from our staff and quality subcontractors can provide invaluable insight into the cost and functionality of the project. The following phases outline the pre-construction process, timeline and budget: Selection of the design team to commence schematic design Architectural planning and submittals developed by a capable team of project professionals.


Construction runs in our blood. Nico began building things as a kid and knew at an early age that this was his calling. For the past 35 years CC Building has held quality and client satisfaction as core business beliefs. We are very fortunate our clients have enthusiastically recommended us, enabling our continued growth even in a down economy. In addition to quality, we understand the need to be competitive and save our clients money without cutting corners. We have developed relationships where it matters.

What is Our Method?

Our proprietary approach applied to our core services of design, planning, and construction. We help clients analyze every project independently, by understanding current market trends, project interpretation and design.  Our goal is to create successful retail environments by looking at current trends in the market, franchise opportunities, market analysis, and sales.

“We develop a culture that attracts tenants and creates economic vitality”

-Brian Dueck

Common Questions

Why Do People Hire Consultants?

Reputation, experience, knowledge, integrity and relationships. CC Building utilizes all of these attributes and skills when consulting on a project.When clients retain CC Building, they are paying for the experience and knowledge of the process, regulations and personal relationships with the various agencies.We provide a roadmap for the permit process. The sequence of the process can be very important and completing tasks in the wrong order can cost thousands of dollars. CC Building. strives to keep the path an efficient one.

Who uses our Services?

Land developers, architects/building designers, engineers, attorneys, real estate appraisers and other real estate professionals all have retained CC Building to assist with a particular area of planning expertise or to coordinate the permit process to ‘get it done’ as their attention may be focused on a different aspect of the project. Public agencies use CC Building services to supplement staff during fluctuating staff levels often constrained by budgets. CC Building can immediately contribute to the production of a department through analysis, report writing and public presentations for both current and long-range planning.

What to do about permit issues.

The value of retaining CC Building early in the process is to try to keep the project moving forward toward approval/successful completion. CC Building can assist when problems are encountered, but it is more efficient to let CC Building coordinate the process from the beginning. Often clients who are not used to working with bureaucracies or various public agencies may find that the information that they receive is inconsistent or confusing, which may lead to project delays. CC Building attempts to identify these potential problem areas before they arise.

Our Team

Our Design Team is our most valuable asset. CC Building is comprised of a group of industry visionaries, and creative thinkers who constantly challenge the status quo.  We consistently push to maximize price per square foot which leads to good returns for our clients. We achieve results by understanding what people want and how they feel when they visit our sites.

Our Construction  Team offers design and construction services that span every phase of the project. Our construction goal is to deliver value through innovation. We are committed to providing quality structures for our clients and have built a solid reputation with our teams approach to pre-construction and construction services.

Property Options

Whether your interest is with an urban or rural property, our company can provide feasibility reports to help answer the questions:

“What can I do with my property?”

“Can I build (something) on my property?”

The confidential research analysis and resulting report, if desired, are customized to fit the needs of the client.

If you are an individual property owner, developer, attorney, architect/designer, engineer, real estate professional or appraiser, we can assist in defining realistic development expectations for the property.

Two of the most common types of feasibility reports are:

A Pre-Development Site Review (PDSR)

A PDSR is a property-specific evaluation to determine the building potential of a parcel. The analysis includes an evaluation of the environmental resources and constraints unique to the property and the report can identify the technical reports needed for your project, along with any federal, state and local agencies expected to be involved with the permit process.

The PDSR can identify potential problems to obtaining permits or construction. This early evaluation is appropriately completed before any design work is started for the project and can save time and money for the remainder of the design, permit and construction process.

The PDSR term is used by the County of Santa Cruz Planning Department, but this type of property evaluation is relevant to properties located within city limits too. The County offers this type of report but our office prides itself on providing more comprehensive information to suit the individual needs of the client.

Rural Residential Density Determination (Rural Matrix)

A Rural Matrix is a point system used by the County of Santa Cruz Planning Department to determine the development potential of a specific property based on environmental resources and development constraints. This evaluation applies to unincorporated rural portions of Santa Cruz County and is not relevant to the cities of Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, or properties within the urban areas of Aptos, Live Oak or Soquel.

Depending upon the objectives for the property, the Rural Matrix can be used to determine:

  • Can a property be divided?
  • Can a property be allowed to construct more than one house?
  • Can a property support an organized camp, conference facility or religious facility?

Our company offers a confidential preliminary matrix evaluation similar to the matrix offered by the County of Santa Cruz Planning Department. But our initial evaluation will typically provide more information to assist clients with making a more informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with a land use project for the property.

Permits 101

Two of the most common types or permits are:

“Development Permit”

“Building Permit”


CC Building can help assist you throughout the permit process to obtain the required permits for your project. We will help assist with coordinating and processing Discretionary and Administrative Permits through out the Building Department for Residential/Commercial Development and Tenant Improvement projects.

Development Permit

development permit is not the same as a building permit. A development permit allows a specific type of development on a specific parcel of land in the community to proceed with the zoning and development bylaws of the County. A development permit may stipulate some of the following conditions: the allowed use of the property, intensity of that use, building height, building site coverage, setbacks from property lines and other buildings and parking requirements.

Building Permit

A building permit allows construction of buildings or structure to proceed on condition of compliance with the Building Codes which addresses building and fire safety. A building permit is required for the construction, alteration, repair, relocation, demolition, or change of use of a building. Farm accessory buildings, and non-hazardous accessory buildings under 100 square feet are exempt.

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